Your business blog just became a whole lot more important

by Shannon on November 8, 2011

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You should already be aware that having a blog for your business is important. There are 1000’s of articles out there which tell you why but for those who are not up to speed….

The key reasons why you should be blogging

  • You are making content which can be distributed on social media networks and email newsletters to draw people back to your site and get them into a sales funnel.
  • You keep customers up to date with product updates and news about your brand.
  • Each blog gives you an opportunity to optimise for a new keyword which can generate more traffic for you.

Why blogging just became even more important for your website

Google has announced an update to its search engine algorithms which gives even more preference to sites which have fresh content. The key points to note are:
  • More recent content will be given preference in search results in some instances.
  • This is especially the case when talking about search terms which are topical now.
  • An example of this maybe – A previously number one ranking page for the keyword “elections nz” which was published 3 years ago may not rank number 1 any more if a more modern, relevant article was published recently.
  • This could change the ranking of about 35% of all search results.

Are you going to be affected?

The answer to that question is maybe. If you do not have a website or are not actively blogging and your competitors are, they may get the upper hand in ranking results. If none of your competitors are updating their sites there may be no change.

This of course creates an opportunity for you

If none of your competitors are actively maintaining their website, updating your website, dusting of your old blog or getting one made for you could give you a competitive edge.
Does your business have a blog? If the answer is no and you would like to learn more get in touch.

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