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by Shannon on November 16, 2010

yammer new zealand

I have heard a bit over the last month in New Zealand about Yammer, the closed social networking tool for businesses, and have been surprised by the amount of interest New Zealand businesses are having.

This morning at the Social Media Junction 2 in Auckland (which I wish I was able to go to)┬áthe topic came up from a speaker from Deloitte’s about the fact that they are using Yammer. I know that New Zealand Post are also getting involved as is the Ministry of Agriculture. Just recently I was asked to act as a Yammer consultant for another New Zealand business, so I thought it was time to get up to speed. Here is the nuts and bolts.

What is Yammer

  • Yammer is basically Facebook for business.
  • It operates in a closed way and restricts access to the network via the domain contained in a businesses email address.
  • It has some extra functionality that you would get in twitter, like hash tags, to allow for conversations around topics.
  • It has apps like file sharing, polls, photos, groups and even ways you can set up communities with customers and other external stakeholders.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes it is very easy to set up. Type in you email and your away. Yammer goes through your address book, finds people in the same domain, asks if you want to invite those people and you are away. The very Facebook like UI of the site makes it very easy to use. I signed up one of my clients and sent a link to a few people to try. Within 20 minutes another 15 people were online. The question is will it continue to be used afterwards.

The answer to that is, I think it depends on the business and the culture that is set up around the use of technology and collaboration. Some organisations already have a lot of digital baggage and this could be seen as just another site to go to, but several businesses have had a lot of success. The testimonials section is full of interesting stories.

I think the best way to get started with Yammer is to turn it on and see what happens. Let it grow naturally, if it takes off you will know about it quick. I would suggest that if you are the social media evangelist you may want to lead the way, but I would not force it and I would not bang on about social media. Try and get it to solve a problem then people will like it. There is a paid version which gives more access and security control if that is what you are after.

Are you a New Zealand business using Yammer? What do you think? Do you want to try it out? Let us know below.


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