VYou Video review – exciting social video tool which is great for customer service

by Shannon on November 3, 2010

Following on from the post about social video tool VYou and how you can use it for customer service, I thought I would do a video review as well, so you can get a good understanding of what VYou can do for your business.

If you have not heard of it yet, VYou is an awesome new social video site which is like a combination of YouTube, Formspring and twitter. It essentially allows users to ask a question via text, and get a video response back from another user. You can share the question and answer on social networking sites, in public on VYou, or privately on VYou. The questions and answers can also be embedded on a website or blog just like you would a YouTube video.

I think this is one of the most exciting social networking tools to come out lately. What do you think? You can find the VYou video review below.


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