Increase your web presence and get more sales leads

Social media marketing

Powerboard can help you develop strategies for a truly effective and complete social media marketing campaign using social sites such as YouTube, Facebook and twitter.

Social engagement strategies

The social web can be used for more than just marketing. The social web can help humanize your brand and develop loyal customers who actually care about your business. We can help you create these loyal customers by providing better customer service using social media.

General web marketing

Social media marketing may be all the rage at the moment but effective email marketing, affiliate marketing, banner advertising, and search engine optimisation (SEO) are all important for your business. Used right, this can give you leads that convert into sales.

Content strategies

Creating great site content, effective blogging and creative writing help drive visitors to your site. Good content which is educational or tells a story engages visitors and helps get valuable links back to your website which is very important from a search engine optimisation point of view. We can show you how to start an effective marketing campaign thru Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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