Localist business directory by NZ post. How will it use social media in local search?

by Shannon on October 26, 2010

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New Zealand Post have recently announced that they will be getting involved in the local search business via the creation of a new business directory called Localist. This is an extract from the Localist blog from former CEO of Kiwibank Sam Knowles.

“It’s designed to take the best that traditional directories have to offer, along with the power of social media, and create something new”

The blog post mentions the idea of communities sharing information to help discover new places. So the question is, how will this new business directory use social media and how is it going to be different to other players in local search like Yellow Pages or Google places?

Here are some thoughts, questions and ideas:

  • Is NZ Posts idea of social networking beginning and ending with a Facebook ‘like’ or a ‘retweet’ button?
  • Will we see the ability for people to review businesses on-line, and would this use Facebook commenting or would they develop their own?
  • How would businesses react to open commenting? Rightly or wrongly not all businesses embrace the idea of open public feedback. Could this effect advertising revenues?
  • Will they develop their own location-based services and have a mobile app?
  • Could they leverage off Foursquare and their API, (or Facebook places) for some of their location services to create a cool mash-up or get content for their business directory?
  • Will there be community managers listening on twitter for people wanting local information and referring them back to the site?
  • Could they add in-depth business and professional information resulting in a business directory service like Jigsaw?
  • Will they be able to get traction considering Google places local search results often appear at the top of Google search results?

Only time will tell if the Localist business directory can get off the ground and be a significant player in the local search market. Do you think it will be a success? How would you integrate this concept with social media?

London SEO Expert
London SEO Expert

Indeed, as search algorithms becomes more advanced, social media interactions will play an important role in what Google displays.

Gillian Parkinson
Gillian Parkinson

I'm looking forward to it!! It sounds as though it's going to leverage off social networking sites in a very useful way - and using FourSqaure would be great - that's a little 'untapped' in NZ at this stage :D Sam Knowles is a switched on business man, I don't think he'd be backing a bad idea - bring it on! :D

Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith

Thanks for commenting Oli. I tend to agree. I am thinking it will be location based/mobile innovation that will be thing that could make Localist stand out.


The local business search is already a crowded market with already established players like Google Places, Facebook Places etc and I just can not see what locallist can do different or how it can stay relevant long term against very stiff competition

Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith

Oh for people looking to follow what Localist are up to their twitter handle is @localistnz

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