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by Shannon on December 6, 2010

Social Commenting systems - Try it below

If you have a blog (which you should do) it’s pretty easy to take your blog to a whole new level with a social commenting system. These systems allow your blog comments to not only be displayed on your site, but be pushed all over the internet via social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This helps grow your community everywhere. These commenting systems are becoming more popular, but there is still a large amount of New Zealand blogs that are not making use of these cool commenting tools. The main advantages of using social commenting plugins are:

  • Your content (remember that comments are your content as well) gets pushed all over the net via the social web giving people a better chance to find your site.
  • Many of these plugins scrape the web for mentions of your blog posts or articles on twitter, Digg, FriendFeed etc. The great thing here is that it makes conversations about your site on the social web appear in your comments section which helps drive the conversation on your site.

A lot of dedicated 3rd party blogging sites already have this functionality. There are plugins which install in just a minute or two for WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Here are some for you to check out and you may not even need a geek to help you.

Facebook commenting widget – FREE

If your audience is mostly on Facebook then the Facebook commenting widget may be a great option for you. The great thing here is that when someone comments on your post the comment will also appear in the persons news feed giving your content more exposure.

Disqus – FREMIUM

Disqus is getting a lot of traction out there. It is similar to the Facebook widget, but gives people can also sign in with Twitter, Yahoo and more. When a comment is made it can be posted to the social network used for sign-in. You can also add in rich media into comments and choose to display tweets from around the web below as well. I have recently moved to Disqus as it has a good freemium plan and is widely used. If you have multiple authors you will need to pay.

JS-kit ECHO – Paid

ECHO is very similar to Disqus but I do like the design a little more. When I tried it out I also felt it did a better job of finding related conversations on the web to display on my posts. This is a paid commenting system and is reasonably priced for one moderator but it does go up quite a bit for several users and to use all the features.

If you don’t have one of these systems on your site I really recommend that you install one. If you want to see it in action, jut leave a comment below.

Are you using one of these systems? Do you think it has value? Let us know.


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Thanks, great post! I think most blog owners really underestimate the power of social commenting. In our opinion, it's the ultimate feedback loop. Thanks again!


Welcome to the Disqus community! =)

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