How we work


First, we will see what is your current online presence is like, what your competitors are doing, what you understood about Facebook, Tweeter and other social networks, and what are your business goals. We also review what existing resources you have on-hand to launch an effective marketing campaign.


We will hold one to three sessions with you to advise you about social media and online marketing approaches that suits you best.From there we will come up with a plan with you to get the results you need, be it more sales leads, increased sales, better customer support or increased brand awareness.


We’ll be with you all the way. We will run work shops and coaching sessions with you and your team to get things started. We will come up with definite steps to take each day to reach your goals.


We will make sure you are highly motivated and heading in the right direction. Once a week, we analyze what your performance and take a look at what needs improvement. We tweak the tactics if necessary to maximize positive results.

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