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by Shannon on November 24, 2010

Snap Engage live chat for customer service

If you are looking for a different, real-time way to engage with customers, you may want to give a product called Snapengage a try.

Snapengage is a live chat widget for your site which integrates with a chat client. I use google apps so my chat client is google chat. If you have been on my site before, or if you just got here you may have noticed a little chat window pop up in the lower right hand corner. This is not some bot, this is really me asking if you would like to chat.

Here is how Snapengage works

  • Whenever I am online to chat (so when I have my work Gmail open) my website visitors will automatically get the chat pop up, with an introduction message, asking people if they would like to chat.
  • If the person online decides they want to chat then they start typing. When they send the message it will appear in my Google chat client which is integrated in my email.
  • Then I can reply just like a normal chat.
  • At the end of the chat I am sent a transcript of the conversation.
  • Snapengage also integrates with my I-phone via a chat client so I can answer questions on the go.

How Snapengage is helping me connect

Where I am finding Snapengage really useful is with my blogging. When I write a post I tweet about it and people come to my to my site. Once someone is at my site they get asked if they want to chat and then suddenly they are talking to me in real-time, online, asking questions, without picking up the phone or emailing. I love it because it gives me an opportunity to connect with new people and increases my chances of converting traffic into business. Some of the questions people have asked have been great and give me lots of ideas for new blog content.

I installed this tool for Nomads Hostels and they are trying this on some of their pages with great results. There are a lot of conversations going on (this can be time-consuming on a high traffic site), but they are noticing an increase in conversions on the pages they have Snapengage on as it is giving them more of a chance to form a relationship with potential customers.

Snapengage has many more features which you can check out in the Video below.

What do you think? Have you used something like this before? Do you like the chat screen popping up or does it annoy you? Your comments are welcome.


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