Encourage business networking on twitter with Hashable

by Shannon on December 13, 2010

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The other day I plugged in a tool called Hashable which allows me to track my relationships on twitter and encourages business networking by allowing me to see who I am connecting.

Hashable is still in beta. If you would like to get an invite send a message to me – @power_board

The thing with Twitter is the amount of twitter followers you have means nearly nothing. It’s the strength of your relationships that makes the real difference. In life we meet loads of people every year, and there will be a select group of people we actually truly connect with. In the land of twitter it is a little hard to see our true network but Hashable can help.

Here’s how it works

  1. When you send a tweet you include a meaningful hashtag with that tweet like; #Thanks, #intro, #meeting, #workshop, #party
  2. When you send your tweet you cc @hashable
  3. Hashable tracks these conversations on twitter so you can see who you are networking with and who you are introducing.
  4. Over time you can see how strong your relationships are and you get points for essentially being a strong networker.

What I like

If none of this make sense there is a video tour below, but the system is trying to encourage you to introduce people and help strengthen networks.  I like that fact that I can see who I’m really connecting, who I connected to and then see who those people are networking with. It is a little like a CRM for twitter. If this business networking idea took off I can see the scoring system on Hashable being used to help Klout scores. A person who is good at networking and introducing good people = a more influential person.

What I don’t like

The biggest thing that will stop Hashable going main stream is that it requires me to do something to track everything. I must include a #hashtag and cc @hashable.


About 5 minutes after I posted this I saw that the guys from Hashable released an iPhone app. This changes my outlook a little, Now the app is mobile it feels more relevant and useful. It’s is very easy to use and there is no need to enter hashtags or cc @hashable, so the above problem is solved. You can read a really good Techcrunch post about it here.

I am a little over having to go to so many websites to use my tools and this could just be another piece of digital clutter, but think i will use this one a bit. I think if the features of Hashable were added to CRM’s or say LinkedIn it would really make this tool more useful. I guess if it took off you would possibly see the score added to tools like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite and that could be handy too.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.


  1. […] I am going to use the recommend tag and cc/ @hashable. If I have room I will also add another tag to categorise that tweeter. Something about using the word recommend and having that recommendation associated with my profile on hashable make things seem more personal and genuine. People seem to re tweet a lot of people but would you recommend just anyone? I would not as that recommendation is forever associated with me and my brand. Using Hashable helps me track my relationship with that person and helps me connect others to that person. […]

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