All about trade me – infographic

by Shannon on August 30, 2011

Trade me infographic - Powerboard web and social media marketing New Zealand

I have recently been looking at some data about trade me. With the latest news about trade me getting ready for and IPO I thought it would be interesting to stick some data about trade me into an infographic for a more interesting way to look at some of their statistics.


All about trade me - Infographic by Powerboard web and social media marketing
Got any thoughts on the above or some different numbers to the above. Let us know below and we can release and improved version of the infographic latter on.

Some interesting stats to tweet

Over 94 million auctions are listed on trade me annually – [tweet this]
Trade me makes over $8m per year for gallery upgrades on listings – [tweet this]
Did you know trade me is valued at over $1.2 billion? – [tweet this]


giving up the information about "INFOGRAPHIC" is the nice thing that i been know. Social Media.WoW!

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