9 things your business should do to Make the most of Linkedin's new company recommendations

by Shannon on November 10, 2010

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LinkedIn announced a new company  recommendations feature today. This is the latest  update to the companies section of LinkedIn which makes it even stronger as a platform for business to business marketing.

The new features enables companies to list their products on their LinkedIn company page and then other LinkedIn members can write reviews on products and services. When a LinkedIn member writes a review, the review is then visible to that persons entire network and the review will be able to go viral through comments and likes.

Businesses can curate these comments, promote and feature the best ones. The blog says that these new features will be rolled out during the week.

How to make the most out of the recommendations feature

Any business with a presence on this great B2B social network should be looking to capitalize on these new features. Here is what I would be doing to make the most of this opportunity.

  • Ask people you are connected with who have used your product or service to give you an honest review.
  • When you receive a review thank the person who gave you a review with a personal email.
  • Promote the review, if appropriate, in your LinkedIn feed, twitter and perhaps Facebook as well.
  • After you get a few reviews, blog about it or include it in your email newsletters.
  • You may want to post a link to these review on your website.
  • Make more of an effort to connect with customers and business on the network.
  • Add your LinkedIn contact details to your email signatures and business cards to grow your network.
  • I have not seen how this platform will handle negative reviews. Be ready for it.
  • In the event negative feedback is received listen to it, learn from it, be ready to grow. This new feature can help you get better at what you do.
  • Make sure your general company profile is up to date and well as your profile and the rest of your teams.

I think this is a great new feature. The winners will be companies that provide great products and excellent customer service.

What do you think of these new company reviews? What else could you do to get more benefits from this tool? Let us know below


How do you promote the review in your LI feed?

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